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Start Strong offers a variety of free, interactive, and accessible programming for youth and adults who work with young people.  Content is delivered by trained, high school age Peer Leaders either in or out of school. A Start Strong staff member accompanies and co-facilitates trainings together with the Peer Leader. Start Strong trainings are organized into several categories:

  • Prevention: Prevention based workshops that focus on understanding abuse, warning signs, and how to help a friend.
  • Promotion: Promotion based workshops that engender conversations around healthy communication, building trust, conflict resolution, and support.
  • Media Literacy: A variety of workshops which help young people analyze their media diets.
  • Adult: A variety of workshops to support providers and parent/guardians in navigating conversations with their youth.

Most trainings are approximately 60-90 minutes. Start Strong workshops are tailored for either middle or high school age students and can be delivered as single sessions, modules, or full curriculums.

A minimum of 8 participants is preferreed for each session. Peer Leaders will travel to the school or community space to present. Start Strong is a low tech program and can provide any materials that may be needed.

All workshops are free and delivered by trained high school age Peer Leaders working together with a Start Strong staff member. Workshops are a minimum of 60 minutes and are offered as single sessions, modules, or full curriculums.

If you're interested in receiving a free training, please contact Jess Alder at

Teen Dating Violence Series

These three prevention-based workshops focus on understanding unhealthy and abusive behavior. This series is comprised of three individual workshops on the five types of abuse, warning signs, and how to help a friend.

Break Up Series

Dealing with break ups is often difficult and rarely discussed. Every year Start Strong hosts a Break UP Summit to create a safe space for young people all around Boston to discuss break ups. Over 50 workshops covering various themes exist. Contact us for more informaiton. 

Healthy Relationships Series

These four promotion-based workshops focus on building and integrating healthy relationship behaviors into teens' lives. This series is comprised of four individual workshops on communication, conflict resolution, trust, and support.

The Halls at

The Halls is a professionally scripted and produced webseries that uses storytelling as an educational tool to explore nuanced and intersectional relationships and behavior.

  • Season 1 tells the stories of three young men in Boston and their struggles sifting through relationships, trauma, masculinity, and their own identities.

  • Season 2 tells the stories of two couples and a survivor of sexual violence as they navigate trauma, identity, boundaries, consent, and healthy relationships.

Sexually Explicit Media Literacy Training 

This series of workshops helps youth interpret and make sense of the sexually explicit media to which they are exposed. This series is comprised of nine individual workshops:

  1. Sexually Explicit Media 101
  2. The History of Sexually Explicit Imagery
  3. Norms Related to Violence and Double Standards Regarding Sex
  4. The Adolescent Brain and Porn
  5. Healthy Intimacy
  6. Healthy Flirting, Dating, and Caring for Other People
  7. Commercial Sexual Exploitation
  8. Revenge Pornography
  9. Upstander Behavior

Media Tools

This series of workshops provides young people with tools to unpack and analyze how a person's "media diet" impacts their behavior, relationships, and ideologies.

  • Sound Nutrition Label: Unpacks the healthy and unhealthy relationship messages teens receive in their lyrical diet.
  • The True View Tool: Discuss how visual media (music videos, television, or movies) portray healthy or unhealthy relationships.
  • Reel Binary: Promotes critical thinking towards television shows and movies in how they portray gender.
  • Social Media Sabotage: This instrument helps evaluate the "nutritional" value of social media based conversations.

Adult Series 

This series covers everything from an overview of Start Strong, youth development, trauma informed practices, and supporting young people. Content can be created or tailored for an individual agency.

Train the Trainer (one full day training)

This is an interactive training to provide the tools, skills, and knowledge to easily integrate healthy relationship promotion conversations with young people

Guardian Training (1.5 to 3 hours)

Having conversations with the young people in our lives can be challenging.  This session is set up as a conversation to discuss adolescent brain development, impact of media on relationships, and trauma informed practices.  These workshop is comprised of two parts, participants can select attending one or both sessions. Childcare is provided by our Peer Leaders.

If you're interested in receiving a free training, please contact Jess Alder at

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