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Emotional Health & Wellness

Setting aside time to take care of yourself is often difficult given the balance of work, social and family responsibilities. Fortunately, there are resources available to support the many competing needs of your family.

Healthy living is an important part of your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. There are many things you can do to achieve this goal.  Check out the food and fun website for helpful tips! For more information, contact the Mattapan Community Health Center  and the Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition.


Parenting Wisely

Parenting Wisely (Boston) is an interactive, computer-based training program [online or DVD] for parents of children aged 3 to 18.  The program instructs parents in effective parenting skills through the use of demonstration, repetition and feedback.  The computer based training program is done in a group setting with parents to encourage group discussions and troubleshooting among parents. The program runs for eight 3-hour sessions. Parents receive workbooks containing program content and exercises to promote skill building and practice.

Parenting Wisely is effective at:

  • Reducing verbal & physical aggression between teens & parents (and between spouses & partners!)

  • Reducing the frequency and severity of teen/preteen problem behaviors

  • Increasing knowledge of and implementation of effective parenting skills

  • Improving and strengthening family relationships

Parenting Wisely is based upon the Functional Family Therapy model and social cognitive psychology. Problems depicted and explanations of effective solutions are presented within a family systems context, emphasizing the interrelatedness of family members' thoughts and behaviors.

For more information on where sessions are held or if you would like to implement Parenting Wisely in your area please contact us.


Social and Emotional Development and Your Child

Your child's social and emotional development is just as important as their physical health. Talk to your pediatrician about your child's daily behaviors. Do they have trouble getting along with others?  Do they get upset when you leave?  Are they having trouble sleeping or concentrating in school? Through open dialogue, you and your pediatrician can work together to support your child's social and emotional growth and wellbeing, and raise a healthy, happy child. For additional resources on discussing these issues with your child's doctor see the Raising a Happy and Healthy Child flash cards.

Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health) aims to promote healthy social and emotional development for children from birth to eight years old. Boston LAUNCH services are provided for children and their parents at the Codman Square Community Health Center, Martha Eliot Community Health Center and the pediatric primary care clinic at Boston Medical Center. These services focus on strengthening families' understanding of early childhood development and offer suggestions for supporting children's social and emotional development.  Visit the Project Launch web page.

MYCHILD aims to identify young children (birth-1st grade) with significant behavioral and emotional needs and provide them with individualized, coordinated and comprehensive services. MYCHILD also aims to build the capacity of pediatric medical homes and community-based organizations to support young children with social and emotional needs through individual consultations and group trainings. Visit the MYCHILD web page.

For information on fun activities to do with your children and books to read check out the Early Childhood Mental Health Fun Kit


Do you need help searching for afterschool or out-of-school time programs?

The Boston Navigator is an online resource center with thousands of out-of-school time programs to fit all needs and schedules.

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