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Civic Engagement Mattapan
The Boston Public Health Commission has a strong commitment to supporting Boston residents in shaping the policies that affect their lives. On this page, you will find information about elected officials, key election dates, voter registration procedures, and other important information. 

Voting is the best way to make sure that our elected leaders will make good decisions about violence prevention programs and funding for other programs and services in Mattapan.
Your vote sends a message to elected officials that your community is important to you.
By voting, you are electing people who will work in your best interest. 
Decisions made by government leaders directly affect you and your family.

Remember that elected officials in city government make decisions that affect our lives every day.  For this reason, city elections are just as important as state and national elections.

Four Reasons to Vote in City Elections

  1. City government bears significant responsibility for the quality of our schools, libraries, community centers, parks, and basic city services such as trash removal and street maintenance.

  2. City government, along with the elected District Attorney and other public officials, is accountable for maintaining public safety, which includes oversight of the police department.

  3. Through zoning laws, city government decides which types of buildings are built, including decisions about how much housing and commercial property to develop, affordable housing versus luxury condos, expansion of parks and which kinds of businesses open in your neighborhood.

  4. City government decides how the city budget, including your property tax money, is spent.

For more information on city elections please visit: 


Elected Officials
There are a number of elected officials that represent the Mattapan area.  Depending on where you live, you will be represented by some, but not all, of these elected officials. 

List of Elected Officials

Please visit and plug in your address to figure out who represents you. 

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