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Capacity Building and Training Initiative

Goal and Strategies

The Division of Violence Prevention's Capacity Building & Training Initiative (CBTI) prevents and addresses violence by strengthening trauma-informed and equitable approaches among providers and systems serving children, adults and families in Boston and beyond. 

We do this through two key strategies: innovative workforce development initiatives and building the organizational capacity of our governmental and community partners.

Workforce Development: Through our five core Training Institutes and adapted workshops we ensure providers have the knowledge and tools they need to support individuals and families exposed to trauma and violence.

Building Organizational Capacity: We partner with organizations serving individuals and families to develop trauma-informed and resiliency building practices, programming and policies. This involves an assessment process, specialized training program, and ongoing coaching and technical assistance.

Reach and Recent Outcomes

  • Since 2010, CBTI has reached over 7000 providers serving over 152,000 individuals, including youth workers, early childcare providers, nurses, family advocates, and recovery services providers.
  • In 2020, we expanded our partnership with local housing and recovery services providers to engage multiple programs in ongoing quality improvement activities, including staff and leadership training and coaching to strengthen practices, policies and protocols.
  • Through partnering with BPHC youth programs, CBTI developed a 10-session summer pilot youth learning series on mental health, wellness, positive identity and coping with an expanded series launched in February 2021

A Trauma-Informed & Equitable Response to COVID-19 

In the era of COVID-19, our community partners face increased workloads, increased severity of cases, tighter budgets, and the stress of operating in a "shared trauma reality," with staff also experiencing personal losses and hardship. To support our partners, CBTI has:
  • Converted all training and coaching content to virtual platforms
  • Served as "emotional PPE" for providers through specialized wellness-focused learning and support sessions, ongoing coaching, and referrals
  • Facilitated access to accurate public health information and other resources (food, financial, mental health)

How can I get involved?
  • Contact our team:
    • Bronwen White, Director of Capacity Building and Training - or (617) 416-2699
    • Benjamin Ruiz Rosado, Senior Training Manager -
    • Alyssa Benalfew, Program Manager (Boston Youth Resiliency & Recovery Collaborative - a CBTI/Recovery Services program):

The Capacity Building & Training Initiative is funded through the City of Boston, Boston Children's Hospital, and the United States Department of Justice. CBTI was formerly known as the Boston Defending Childhood Initiative. 

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