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Obtaining a Tobacco Sales Permit


Before selling any tobacco and/or nicotine delivery products you must first obtain a Boston Public Health Commission Permit for Location and Sales of Tobacco Products.

All fully completed forms and check or money order must be submitted IN PERSON to the Boston Tobacco Prevention and Control Program located at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue 2nd Floor Boston, MA 02118.

To apply for a permit,

  1. Review the Clean Air Works Workplace and Youth Access Regulations.
  2. Contact the Boston Tobacco Prevention and Control Program for a Permit Application.
  3. Sign and submit the Retail Establishment Owner/Operator Statement.
  4. Submit a copy of your Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) Retailers License for Sale of Cigarettes (Form CT-3A) or receipt indicating that you have applied for a license. A permit will not be issued until the DOR license is secured.
  5. Submit permit fee in the form of a check or money order payable to the Boston Public Health Commission. Contact the Boston Tobacco Prevention and Control Program for the applicable permit fee.
  6. Additional information including but not limited to proof of purchase of retail location, lease agreement, business utility bill, and purchasing sales agreement may be needed to complete the processing of a permit application.

Permits are non-transferable. If you move your business to a different location or sell your business to a new owner, you cannot transfer the permit. You must report the change in your business status immediately to the Boston Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.


All permits expire annually on December 31. Retailers are required to submit a complete application and permit fee by December 15th. Sales of tobacco without a current permit can result in a fine of up to $800 a day.
To renew your sales permit, complete all steps above in applying for a permit section, and submit BY MAIL to the: 

Boston Public Health Commission,
Attn: Revenue Department/Tobacco
1010 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

To ensure permit renewal: 

  • All outstanding citations must be paid in full.
  • Permit applications will be returned to retailers who have outstanding citations without the non-refundable permit fee. 
  • Only when you receive your renewed permit in the mail from the Boston Tobacco Prevention Control Program are you approved for continued tobacco/nicotine delivery sales.
  • Permit applications and renewal applications are granted at the discretion of the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. Such applications may be denied upon previous violations of this regulation or other applicable law by the applicant establishment or an individual associated with the retailer. 


Additional items needed prior to selling tobacco products:

Employee Agreement: All employees who sell tobacco and/or nicotine delivery products must have a signed Employee Agreement Form on file at the business location.

Signage: All retailers who hold a City of Boston Sales Permit for Location and Sales of Tobacco Products are required to have the following signage posted in their establishment in a clear and conspicuous manner at all times.

Required Store Signage

  1. No Smoking
  2. Report a Violation
  3. Nicotine Delivery 
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Blue and Yellow Illegal Sales Sign
  6. Cigar Warning Sign
  7. Adult Only Tobacco Retail Store (only retailers identified as adult-only stores by the Boston Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

Still don't know which sign applies to your business? Check out our tip sheet!

​If you have any questions or need language translation assistance, please contact the Boston Tobacco Prevention and Control Program at or 617-534-4718​
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