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  •  Smoke-Free?
Your clients want the best: The best amenities, the best location, the best price. It’s no surprise that your clients also want what’s best for their health. Apartments and condos free from the health risks of cigarette smoke are high on the wish list of renters. Unfortunately, the supply of smoke-free housing in Boston lags well behind the demand. Capitalize on this market gap by listing the smoke-free properties you represent. 

Encourage smoke-free policies.
Encourage landlords, property managers, condo associations and homeowners to implement smoke-free policies in order to save money, protect their investments, and attract new tenants and homeowners. Let renters know that you represent smoke-free properties and remind prospective sellers and buyers of the added value of a smoke-free policy.  


Consumers prefer smoke-free housing 25                          
  • In Massachusetts, 67% of residents would prefer smoking information in a property listing.
  • More than 70% of residents who do not live in a smoke-free building would support the immediate implementation of a no-smoking rule or remain neutral.
    Smoke-free properties retain their value 26    
Apartments that smell of secondhand smoke are harder to rent
  • More than 75% of prospective tenants are immediately less interested in an apartment unit if they smell tobacco smoke when looking at it. 
  • Smoke-smelling condos are harder to sell.
Smoke-free properties have lower maintenance costs
  • Less cleaning is needed when turning over a unit.
  • Multi-unit apartment owners estimate that it costs three to five times more to rehabilitate an apartment in which a smoker has lived.
Smoke-free properties have reduced risk of fires
  • Smoking is the leading cause of fatal house fires
  • Every year, more than $350 million in residential damage is the result of cigarette-caused fires 27
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