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Going smoke-free keeps costs down and makes buildings easier to maintain and manage.  Smoke-free housing is safer and healthier, too – and it’s in high demand.  Is it time you went smoke-free?

What is smoke-fre​e housing?

Smoke-free housing is a home or residential building(s) where smoking is not allowed anywhere inside, including in individual apartments.

  • Smoke-free housing includes areas around doors, entrances, porches, balco​nies, and windows, to keep smoke from getting inside
  • A smoke-free "unit" is not the same as smoke-free "housing." All units in a building need to be smoke-free to prevent smoke from drifting into other units.

Is smoke-free housing legal?

Yes, completely legal. There is no legally protected "right to smoke" in multi-unit residential buildings and properties in Boston, the state of Massachusetts, or anywhere in the U.S.

Does not discriminate against smokers 

A no-smoking rule does not mean "no smokers." Smokers are welcome to live, visit, or work in smoke-free residential buildings, as long as they follow the rules to not smoke in or near the building(s).

What smoking products does a smoke-free policy include?

Anything that burns and is inhaled—tobacco, hookahs, and marijuana (including medical marijuana) – can be included in a smoke-free policy. Many landlords also include e-cigarettes, e-pipes, and other vapored products.

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 or download A Landlord's Guide to Smoke-Free Housing.

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