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Mission Statement

The Office of Oral Health at the Boston Public Health Commission aims to connect local residents with high quality, accessible, reliable and affordable dental services. We believe residents should have access to accurate oral health information, innovative program support, trainings and educational resources. Our office works with external partners to focus on reducing the oral health care gaps for Boston's most vulnerable and underserved populations. 


Vision Statement

Our vision is to improve the oral health (and overall health) of Boston's residents by eliminating health disparities and inequities and ensuring access to care for all.



At the Office of Oral Health, we have three distinct goals:
  1. Reduce oral health care gaps for our City's most vulnerable and underserved populations
  2. Increase access to reliable oral health information for the public as well as local professionals
  3. Establish innovative program support and partnerships while increasing training and educational resources


CONTACT US:   -   617.534.2390   

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