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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Using cannabis (also known marijuana, weed, pot, among others) during pregnancy and breastfeeding may present health risks to both the person who is pregnant and the baby. Learn more below or to download this page as a PDF Fact Sheet, click here. 

Health Effects

No matter if it’s smoked, vaped, or eaten, cannabis use while pregnant presents health risks, such fluctuating blood pressure, low birth weight and negative impacts on the child's ability to learn and develop. 

Secondhand Smoke

Marijuana smoke has many of the same harmful chemicals as tobacco smoke. Even if a person does not use cannabis themselves, there are health risks for them and their baby if exposed to secondhand cannabis smoke/vapor.

Morning Sickness

No matter the reason for use, cannabis gets passed to a baby in the womb. Pregnant individuals should talk to their doctor about other options to treat morning sickness.


Chemicals from cannabis will be passed on to babies through breast milk. This may cause poor weight gain, sleepiness and slower development in infants.

Medical Cannabis

Tell your doctor right away that you are pregnant and need to discuss alternatives to medical cannabis. 

Click here to download a Spanish language version of this fact sheet.

The following resources were used in developing the material on this website and may provide additional helpful information about cannabis:

If you are looking for resources or support around cannabis or other substance use, please call 311. 

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