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Welcome Family

Picture of mother and baby

Are you a new mom?
Would you like a free one time nurse visit?
Would you like a free bag full of goodies for you and your baby?
Do you live or are you staying in Boston?

We can help! 

Motherhood is a joyful, exciting time, but it can be stressful too. Ask any new mom, and she’ll tell you that loving and caring for a newborn can be wonderful and difficult.

Welcome Family is a free program available to you and your newborn. It provides a one-time visit from a nurse who is experienced in supporting moms and newborns. The nurse will check in on how you are doing and answer your questions. You’ll also get connected to other resources you might be interested in.

Have questions? Ask someone with answers.

During your visit, you’ll have up to 90 minutes with an experienced nurse who understands what you’re going through. You and your newborn will receive a health assessment, and you’ll get information and advice about:

Calming your newborn
Bathing, changing and taking care of your newborn
Eating well to keep you and your newborn healthy
Safe sleep

**You’ll also get a Welcome Family bag full of educational materials and some supplies such as a baby rattle, infant book, and refillable wipes container**

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