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The Planning Council partnered with the Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice at the Boston University School of Public Health for the most recent Needs Assessment report. The goal was to identify barriers that prevent PLWH, both in and out of care, from receiving needed services, engaging in care, and/or adhering to medication regimens.


Cover sheet_Boston EMA Integrated Plan_Final.png2016-2021 INTEGRATED CARE AND PREVENTION PLAN 

The Integrated Care and Prevention Plan is a jointly written document which reflects our community's vision and values regarding how best to deliver HIV prevention and care services. The Plan was a joint effort across multiple HIV stakeholder groups in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as seen below:

Integrated care plan stakeholders.png

Written with action steps through 2021, this plan will accelerate progress toward reaching the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, including:

      • Preventing new HIV infections
      • Increasing access to care and improving health outcomes
      • Reducing HIV-related health disparities

FY19 Funding Principles Cover Page.jpg Fiscal Year 2019 Funding Principles

The Funding Principles are guiding principles that the Ryan White Services Division at the Boston Public Health Commission uses when contracting for services. The Funding Principles are revisited annually by the Needs, Resources, and Allocations Committee.


AAM screenshot.JPGThe Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) requires that all Ryan White Part A Planning Councils conduct an annual assessment of the administrative mechanism (AAM) to evaluate how efficiently and rapidly grantees disburse funding to the areas of greatest need within the eligible metropolitan areas (EMA).  The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the degree to which providers were satisfied with BPHC’s administration of Ryan White Part A funding.  The Boston EMA Ryan White Planning Council’s role was to review the survey results and provide recommendations to BPHC in areas where improvements were necessary. 


Ryan White Conference 2016 Poster: Factors associated with unsuppressed viral load

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