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Planning Council Activities  
Each year, the Planning Council sets priorities for health and health-related HIV services in our region and decides how federal HIV funds are distributed to each service category. To accomplish this task, the Planning Council reviews reports, conducts a needs assessment, and establishes priorities based on reviewing the service needs of people living with HIV in our region.  
Planning Council Membership 
Planning Council volunteers include health care providers, public health officials, and community volunteers. The Mayor of Boston selects members to reflect the racial, ethnic, and gender demographic of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our region. 
Planning Council Committees  
Much of the Planning Council's work occurs in its committees. All Planning Council members must serve on at least one committee. Committees usually meet on a monthly basis.  Learn more about the Planning Council's four standing committees by clicking here . Committee charges and work plans are overseen by the Executive Committee.  
Consumer Access and Reimbursement Program  
Consumers members (people living with HIV) bring their unique experiences to the Planning Council dialogue. Reimbursement for transportation and child care is provided for consumer members. 

Time Commitment  
Both Planning Council and committee meetings each last two hours. Planning Council members are expected to attend each of the monthly Planning Council meetings and all meetings of the committee to which they are assigned. Total time commitment may be four-six hours monthly. Refreshments and snacks are provided at each meeting.  
Planning Council Eligibility  
Anyone living in the ten county region comprising the Part A Boston EMA who has a strong commitment to improving the lives of people living with HIV can join the Planning Council. The map below illustrates the Boston EMA boundaries. No health policy background or expertise is required to join the Planning Council. 
Applying is Easy!  

Download and fill out an application here and submit one letter of recommendation. Applications can be mailed, hand delivered or faxed. If you are unable to download or print the application, contact Planning Council Support. 
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