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A majority of Planning Council work is divided between subcommittees. All Planning Council members must serve on at least one subcommittee.  All subcommittee meetings are held at the Old South Church, Guild room (4th Floor) for two hours per month.  
Committee meetings are open to the public. Guests are welcome to attend but may not participate or vote. Guests may contact PCS at to request meeting schedules. The Consumer Committee is open to any member of the community that would like to participate.



Consumer Committee 
This committee is open to any member of Planning Council, and also any member of the community. The committee fosters leadership among people living with HIV and ensures diverse consumer input on and participation in Planning Council and Committee activities. The committee hosts diverse speakers and launches anti-stigma campaigns to educate the community and empower people living with HIV.

Executive Committee 
This committee is responsible for ensuring the orderly and integrated progression of Planning Council work. The Executive Committee also encourages the active and meaningful participation of all Planning Council members. The Executive is open to Planning Council leadership (chairs and vice-chairs of Council and subcommittees) and also one designated Member at Large.

Services, Planning and Evaluation Committee (SPEC)
This committee makes recommendations regarding the local service continuum, ​develops the annual priority setting processes and evaluates the impact of Part A funds in the Boston EMA. The committee also makes recommendations on evaluation and quality management projects and executed the Assessment of the Administrative Mechanism.

Needs, Resources and Allocations Committee  (NRAC)
This committee executes an annual community needs assessment to learn more about the needs of people living with HIV. The committee is responsible for developing several funding scenarios that are presented to the recipient to guide how the Part A award is invested in the EMA.

Membership and Nominations Committee (MNC)

The MNC Committee is new for the 2019-2020 term. This committee will be charged with member training and orientation, member satisfaction, outreach and recruitment in the community, and the nominations process to appoint new members. MNC members attend community events and educate prospective members on the role of a Planning Council in the EMA.

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