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Quality Management


"To promote the highest quality of care for all Ryan White Part A and MAI clients in the Boston EMA through the thoughtful use and interpretation of data, integration of stakeholder input, and detection of emerging needs and barriers to care.”


The Boston EMA’s Quality Management Program began in 1999, prior to the legislative requirement of such a program, with the purpose of establishing a means of measuring client outcomes and documenting clinical improvements. Presently, the Quality Management Program continues to serve the Boston EMA through an array of activities. These activities include the analysis of client-level outcome and clinical data, monitoring epidemiological trends, enforcing established standards of care among our funded providers, and conducting special projects as service needs and stakeholder input dictate. The Quality Management Program holds itself to the highest standards in supporting a service delivery system that provides the highest quality of care. To achieve this, the Quality Management Program will:

  • Share information with stakeholders, including current research and evaluation findings

  • Consider and value the input of all stakeholders

  • Incorporate clinical guidelines and best practices into Quality Management activities

  • Be integrated within Client Services and Planning Council activities

  • Recognize the importance of a comprehensive continuum of care, including a combination of core medical and support services

  • Utilize all available internal and external data sources in an effort to best understand the service population

  • Identify emerging needs and barriers to care

Quality Management Plan

Boston EMA Quality Management Plan FY2018-FY2020.pdf

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