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Volunteer Opportunities

Development and Volunteer Services 
The Development and Volunteer Services Department of The Homeless Services Bureau involves the community in the fight to end homelessness. The Development and Volunteer Services Department seeks support for our programs and educates the community about homelessness.  There are many ways for both individuals and groups to volunteer with us.  Please see below for our volunteer opportunities and donation wish list.          

Opportunities for Groups: 
  • Community Meals Program 
    Serve and/or sponsor dinner for the hundreds of emergency shelter guests at our shelters​.
  • Painting and/or Cleaning Projects 
    Help us to create a welcoming setting for those we serve in our emergency shelters or transitional programs.

Opportunities for Groups and Individuals:
  • Donation Drive for Critically Needed Items 
    Organize a drive at your work, school, place of worship, civic organization, etc. to benefit our emergency shelters and transitional programs. Please see below for our wish list.
  • Recreational or Health-focused Activities 
    Lead fun activities in our shelters or transitional programs, such as sing-a-longs, Bingo, board games, walking groups, etc.
  • Life Skills and Support Groups 
    Provide an educational, spirituality-based, or supportive group or service in our shelters or transitional programs. Topics could be self-esteem building, goal-setting, etc.
  • Tutoring 
    Clients need help with reading, math, GED Prep, computer literacy, budgeting, etc.

We are always interested in new ideas for activities. If you have a special talent or expertise you would like to share with us we would really like to hear from you!  

For more details and information, please call (617) 534-4953. 
Click here for brochure.  Thank you!
Wish List of Critically Needed Items

All item​s should be for adults. 

The following items may be new or gently used:
  • Tee-shirts & Thermal wear
  • Sneakers& Boots
  • Jeans & Pants
  • Sweatshirts & Sweaters
  • Winter Coats & Raincoats
  • Hats, Gloves & Scarves
  • Suits & Dress Shirts
  • Dresses & Skirts
  • Raincoats & Umbrellas
  • Duffel Bags & Backpacks
  • Belts & Wallets
  • Shoelaces
  • Board games & Decks of Cards
  • Eyeglasses & Sunglasses
  • Books, Journals, & Note cards

The following items must be new:​
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen & Lotion
  • Hairbrushes & Combs
  • Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are interested in donating items not on this list, please let us know. 

For information, including where to drop-off donations, please call (617)534-6100. Thank you!
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