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Job Training and Education

The Homeless Services Bureau of the Boston Public Health Commission runs the Serving Ourselves Program, a hands-on job-training program. 

About the program: 
The Serving Ourselves Program recognizes an individual’s needs and struggles and seeks to support clients in moving beyond shelter. By utilizing an individualized classroom approach, Serving Ourselves’ clients realize their potential and foster personal and professional growth. The program hopes to inspire the belief that it is never too late to change the direction of one’s life.  For clients, the goal of Serving Ourselves is to break the pattern of homelessness by gaining independent employment and housing.  

The following services are offered to clients:
  • Paid job training in janitorial or food service component
  • Weekly case management
  • Life Skills classes which focus on personal exploration, career planning, goal setting, resume writing, mock interviews and job applications
  • Housing pathway support OR integrated housing/employment programming through the RRHHI model
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Open computer lab access
  • Education access

Utilizing Adkins Life Skills, a renowned career model developed by researchers at Columbia University, Serving Ourselves Career Center staff offer clients a different way to approach job readiness by discovering their strengths and taking responsibility for their own employment future. 

Serving Ourselves Quincy Street Kitchen
The Homeless Services Bureau operates a commercial kitchen on Quincy Street in Dorchester within the Commonwealth Kitchen. The kitchen is staffed by shelter guests enrolled in the Serving Ourselves Program and provides 2,000 meals daily to two emergency shelters and 2 residential programs.

Program Highlights
In 2018, the program provided more than 100 individuals with employment services and job training and helped more than 30 individuals secure competitive job placements in the community with an average hourly wage of $14.14
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