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Green & Clean

The Green & Clean Program recognizes Boston's auto shops, nail salons, hair salons, and other small industries that do more than meet regulatory requirements. Green & Clean businesses go the extra mile to protect the health and safety their employees, their customers, and the environment. Recognized ​​businesses receive a Green & Clean certificate and window decal, as well as promotion on this website and in other sources.

Why should I give my business to a Green & Clean establishment?
When you choose to spend your money at a business that is recognized as Green & Clean, you are supporting a business that takes extra steps to reduce chemical exposure and protect the environment. Businesses that participate in the Green & Clean recognition program stand out from the rest because they:

  • Have no current violations with the Boston Public Health Commission.
  • Participate in regular health and safety trainings that create a safer environment for you and the community.
  • Have adopted a variety of actions that help them reduce chemical exposure and protect the environment.
  • Have earned between one and four ​leaves from the Boston Public Health Commission’s Green & Clean checklist. 

Why should my business get certified as Green & Clean?​

  • Attract more customers. Show your clients and the community that you care about providing good services that are safer for them and for the environment. 
  • Save money. Saving energy, water and raw materials saves you money. Sending less trash to the landfill saves you money, too. Ask us how you can use fewer raw materials, send less trash to the landfill, save energy, and use less water.
  • Get free advertising. BPHC promotes all Green & Clean businesses. Plus, you get a certificate and a window decal so you can tell your customers and passersby that you're Green & Clean. ​
  • Work safer. Green & Clean helps you use fewer toxic chemicals. Give your employees one more reason to take pride in working for you.

If you own an auto shop, hair salon, or nail salon business and would like to participate in the Green & Clean business recognition program, download the Auto Shop Checklist, the Hair Salon Checklist, or the Nail Salon Checklist to learn more. 

To learn more about the Green & Clean Program, please call us at 617-534-5965 or email us at

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