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Healthy Food Initiatives


Learn about the South End Community Health Center's partnership with the Fresh Truck to bring healthy, affordable food to the South End.​


Having access to affordable, healthy food is at the foundation of healthy eating and good overall health.  Between 2014-2017, Boston REACH: Partners in Health and Housing is working to:    

  • Increase access to affordable, healthy foods for Boston Housing Authority (BHA) residents
  • Increase BHA resident awareness of affordable, healthy food resources
  • Promote a culture of healthy eating at BHA developments

The BHA Healthy Food Purchasing Handbook was developed by nine BHA Local Tenant Organization representatives, BHA staff, and a nutritionist from the Boston Public Health Commission, to inform healthy eating among BHA residents and LTOs and features budget-friendly healthy recipes, tips for healthy eating on a budget, nearby affordable food resources, and other tips and resources.

"Participating in the food working group was a great learning experience. I loved working with other resident leaders to put this book together. As a group we learned to reform our old ideas about food with our new knowledge and bring what we learned back to our own task forces. Before this group we thought our coffee hours were fine and served lots of baked goods and sweets. Now we are serving healthier foods and residents are adjusting. Residents can still have baked goods but they are now special treats."

- Michele McNickles, St. Botolph LTO


What tastes better - bottled or tap water? Watch BHA residents take the Tap Water Taste Test.  How much sugar is in a bottle of soda? Watch BHA residents guess in the Soda-Free Summer Challenge.

  • Partnerships with local non-profit food organizations, health centers and others to increase food access at or near BHA developments
  • Development of a Food Resource Map (pictured below) with healthy, affordable food resources at or near BHA developments
  • Promotion of healthy eating via:
    • Mini-grants for BHA developments
    • Improved linkages to existing community resources
    • Tap Water Taste Tests
    • Soda-Free Summer Challenges
    • Food purchasing policy for REACH grant funds

A map of affordable food resources* near Boston Housing Authority (BHA) developments was developed to help BHA residents find affordable food resources in their neighborhoods, including farmer's markets, food pantries, and affordable, healthy food organizations.

​*This map may not be comprehensive.





Made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

​Last Updated: 1/6/17​

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