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Healthy Homes

The Division of Healthy Homes operates with the understanding that all residents should live in a safe and healthy home and community. The Division focuses on Boston’s most vulnerable populations including children, elderly, Black and Latino residents, low-income residents and communities, along with residents of public, affordable, and subsidized housing. The Division works closely with Boston’s housing agencies, health care institutions, academic research institutions, advocacy organizations, housing and family support organizations, businesses, government and community groups on policy, and other regulatory and program efforts.

Healthy Homes and Community Supports Programs Include:

Boston REACH: Partners in Health and Housing

Boston REACH: Partners in Health & Housing is a 3-year initiative (2014-2017) to improve the health of Boston residents, especially Black and Latino residents, living in Boston Housing Authority and BHA-Administered Rental Assisted/Section 8 Housing. Partners in Health & Housing is working to 1) improve access to and consumption of healthy food and beverages; 2) increase linkages to community healthcare resources; and 3) enhance the quality of and access to smoke-free housing in order to decrease rates of obesity and tobacco-related health conditions – two major causes of preventable death and illness in the U.S. This work will be carried out through the Partnership in Health and Housing (PHH), comprised of the Boston Public Health Commission, the Boston Housing Authority, Boston University's School of Public Health and the PHH Community Committee, which is comprised of public housing residents and community advocates. Learn more...

Tobacco Prevention and Control

The Boston Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (BTPCP) provides development, implementation, and enforcement of local ordinances that control the sale, use, and distribution of tobacco. The BTPCP also supports/leads initiatives, which promote smoking cessation, protect residents from second hand smoke, prevent youth from becoming smokers, and monitors data to identify high risk populations in the city of Boston. Learn more...

Asthma Prevention and Control

Asthma in the urban environment is a serious problem and nationally it remains a primary cause of preventable hospitalization in children. In response to residents’ concerns about rising asthma rates in their communities, the Boston Public Health Commission's created the Asthma Prevention and Control Program in 1998. The program operates a number of initiatives to help children and families manage the symptoms of and the environmental contributors to asthma. Learn more...

Oral Health

The mission of the Office of Oral Health is to improve the oral health of the city of Boston by eliminating health disparities and inequities and ensuring access to oral health care for all residents. The vision is that through changes in education, expectations, policies, and systems, all Boston residents will have access to quality, affordable oral health services. The Office of Oral Health works to address these issues at the individual and community level to help lead the movement towards general well-being and sound total health for all. Learn more...

Injury Prevention

The Injury Prevention Program covers unintentional injuries such as those caused by burns, drowning, falls, poisoning, and road traffic – which are the leading cause of death and disability in Boston and the rest of Massachusetts. Injuries are preventable! This program works to reduce the risk of injury through education, technology, and legislation. By offering training on behavioral strategies such as supervision, secure storage of poison hazards, improving access to prevention resources such as bicycle helmets and smoke alarms and increasing the correct use of devices like window guards, the program helps parents, caretakers, providers, and individuals know how to keep themselves and loved ones safe. (See Violence Intervention & Prevention for information on intentional injuries.) Learn more... ​


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