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Learn about how the Asthma Home Visit Program helped one Boston family.

Asthma home visits
Asthma home visits have helped hundreds of Boston residents control asthma.  Home visits are provided by trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) to help Boston families address asthma and identify conditions in their homes that can trigger asthma symptoms.  

During a home visit, a CHW:

  • Assesses the home environment for asthma triggers and shares information and resources to reduce or eliminate them (including low cost asthma-friendly home supplies). 
  • Works with the family to create an asthma management plan and reviews asthma symptoms, asthma medications and the patient's Asthma Action Plan.
What is a Community Health Worker (CHW)?

Community Health Workers (CHWs) play an important role in ensuring the health and well-being of Boston residents. CHWs are trained to provide outreach and health education in diverse communities of Boston.  In fact, BPHC's Community Health Education Center trains CHWs across the state of Massachusetts!

Do asthma home visits work?

Studies show that asthma homes visits by Community Health Workers help children and teens control asthma.  Patients receiving the recommended number of home visits report having: 

  • 21 fewer days with asthma symptoms per year* 
  • 12 fewer days of school missed per year*  ​​

​* me​dian​​​​ decrease

"In my daughter's case her asthma is controlled. I didn't go to the Emergency Room since March 2013." - Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative patient (June 2014)

How can I get an asthma home visit?  ​
Patients: Ask your doctor or healthcare provider to make a referral to the program. Once we get the referral a CHW will call you so be sure to get in touch so we can schedule your visit.​

  To make a referral for a home visit for a Boston resident with asthma please complete the electronic Provider Referral Form.  Please note: patient must reside within the city of Boston. 

Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative Members
​Since 2009, the BPHC coordinates home visits with key partners through the Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative, which includes the Boston Public Health Commission, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Environmental Protection Agency, Neighborhood Health Plan and Tufts Medical Center/Floating Hospital for Children, has provided over 3,000 home visits to Boston residents.  Collaborative members offer asthma home visits in English, Chinese, Haitian Creole, and Spanish.  Learn more below:


Boston Public Health Commission - Healthy Homes: Asthma Home Visiting Program

Languages offered: English, Spanish, Haitian Creole

Healthy Homes is a free asthma home visiting program for Boston residents with asthma. Boston residents with asthma may be eligible to receive a free home visit when referred by a health care provider. The asthma home visitor will reinforce the individualized asthma management plan, review asthma symptoms, assess for environmental asthma triggers and provide environmental education and assistance, including low cost supplies and will assist with accessing other resources or when needed. The home visitor will also look for ways to reduce the risk of lead poisoning and childhood injury and assist you in accessing available resources for home remediation.
Languages offered: English, Spanish

The Boston Children's Hospital Community Asthma Initiative (CAI) was developed to improve the health and quality of life of children with asthma and their families through asthma home visits. CAI serves children who live in Boston, are 2 to 18 years old and have been either seen in Boston Children's Emergency Department or hospitalized for asthma. We also accept referrals from primary care providers and asthma specialists within the hospital's network. 
Languages offered: English, Spanish
Our special services include management of difficult-to-control asthma, occupational asthma, and asthma among pregnant women. Some of our physicians are bilingual and can provide care in Spanish, Hebrew and Russian as well as in English. A key part of our mission is to promote improved understanding about asthma and related diseases through educational programs and materials for our patients, for other health care providers, and for the community.
Languages offered: English

Neighborhood Health Plan Asthma Program is comprehensive with goals to improve patient self-management skills, enhance programs at primary care sites, improve medication use, increase provider awareness of asthma treatment guidelines and decrease related utilization through a variety of interventions, including home environmental assessments. Distinguishing program features include:

  • Our use of community-base services for the majority of asthma home visits
  • Bi-weekly trigger reports and letters that providers see as a best-practice
  • Low-literacy education materials for our members 
  • Asthma care managers that are respiratory therapists and certified asthma educators 
  • High-performing collaborations and involvement in community-based initiatives
  • Dura Medical equipment coverage for medication devices i.e., spacers, nebulizers and peak flow meters 

Tufts Medical Center Floating Hospital for Children - Asthma Prevention & Management Initiative  

Languages offered: English, Chinese, and Spanish 

Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children has an Asthma Prevention and Management Initiative (APMI) providing bilingual asthma self-management education in our clinics, community agencies (including day care programs), and local schools.  We have been members of the Boston Home Visiting Collaborative providing linguistic and culturally sensitive home visits teaching asthma care to English, Chinese, and Spanish  speaking families of children with poorly controlled or persistent asthma.

Learn more about the Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative

The Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative is a nationally-recognized, award-winning program. Learn more by visiting our Awards & Publications​ page.​​

Other housing issues affecting asthma​

​While creating an asthma-friendly home is important for good asthma control, some housing issues that make asthma worse are the responsibility of the landlord.  Boston's Breathe Easy At Home Program works with landlords to help Boston residents with asthma that have state housing code violations that affect their asthma.  For more information, visit: Breathe Easy at Home​.​    

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