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More than half of Boston adults are overweight or obese.  With the majority of these residents spending significant amount of their time at work, the workplace has become an important focus for supporting healthy eating, physical activity and other wellness efforts.  Employers are paying, directly and indirectly, for the increase of chronic disease in their workforces. Over 60% of non‐elderly Americans get their health insurance coverage through an employer based plan2.

Workplace wellness programs are a win‐win for employers and employees. It’s not only about saving money in the long‐term. Workplace wellness programs help to create a positive workplace wellness culture. Studies have shown that organizations with effective workplace wellness programs and policies experience higher employee morale, increased worker productivity, reduced voluntary employee turnover, in addition to lowering health care costs7. This suggests the quality and comprehensiveness of wellness programs can make a big difference in employee satisfaction.

Boston Moves for Health has developed a Workplace Wellness Toolkit with resources and ideas for getting started with workplace wellness programs. 

Also check out our Take the Stairs materials that can be used to encourage more physical activity in the workplace.  

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