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Spice it Up

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Using less salt while cooking is a great way to reduce sodium in the foods you prepare at home.  Swap the salt and spice it up by skipping the salt shaker and cooking with herbs, spices, citrus, garlic and onions.  Explore new ingredients and get creative in the kitchen.  As you try new ingredients, gradually reduce the amount of salt you add.  After a while, you’ll wonder why you ever needed salt at all! 

Additional tips to reduce sodium while cooking: 

  • When making sauces or gravies that contain wine, use real wine instead of "cooking wines" that contain salt.
  • Always select low sodium broths and cooking stocks to use in cooking  
  • Use powdered garlic and onion rather than their salt form.
  • Rinse canned foods, such as vegetables and beans, to reduce salt.
  • Hide the salt shaker from the table so you’re less likely to use it

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Ingredient Guide

Finding alternatives to salt is easy but the numerous choices can be overwhelming.  Here is a quick guide to some of our favorite ingredients: "Swap the Salt & Spice it Up: an Ingredient Guide for Adding Flavor to Your Food​."​


Low sodium Recipes

We have some great low-sodium recipes to help you get started on your way to healthy cooking.  Click to download and print recipes.

Cachupa, a Cape Verdean Stew

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