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Read the Label

The best way to avoid hidden sodium in packaged, processed, and convenience foods is by reading the nutrition facts.  Take a look at this label for a frozen turkey dinner being sold as healthy and lean.  The total amount of sodium is 37% of the daily recommendation—certainly not a healthy choice. 

Nutrition Facts Label 

Instead, aim for foods that are less than 20% of the daily value of sodium. As you shop, let the nutrition facts guide you toward lower-sodium options.  Compare these boxed dinners. By choosing the one on the left you could avoid 470 mg of extra sodium. ​


nutrition facts lable highlighting low and high sodium 

Some other tips while shopping:

  • Look for “low-sodium” or “no-salt-added” on the label.
  • If possible, try to purchase fresh, frozen (no sauce), or no-salt-added canned vegetables.
  • Avoid salty sauces and condiments such as soy sauce, salad dressing, steak or barbecue sauces, ketchup, and mustard.  Choose low or reduced sodium versions when possible.
  • Buy fresh or frozen meats instead of canned, smoked, or cured meats like cold cuts, hot dogs, sausages, and bacon.
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