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Increase Physical Activity


Being physically active can strengthen your heart, manage hypertension, and help you maintain a healthy weight. We recommended that adults have 30 minutes of moderate activity a day for 5 days a week (or 150 minutes a week). There are many ways to get active within the City of Boston.​

  • For indoor and outdoor physical activity opportunities around Boston, visit Boston Moves for Health.

  • Engage kids and families in physical activity with Fit KitsFit Kits are free kits with sports equipment for activities like flag football, soccer, basketball, relay races and so much more! Individuals, groups, or families can borrow Fit Kits through participating community organizations.  Visit Boston Moves for Health to find an organization near you.

  • Host a Play Way! Play Ways are small-scale, neighborhood-organized street closures for active recreation.  They’re a great way for neighbors to transform their streets into a playground for residents of all ages to play.  Start planning your Play Way early so you’ll have time to obtain a permit​ and reach out to your community.  


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