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Healthy Organizations

The Boston Public Health Commission encourages organizations to voluntarily adopt practices and develop policies that improve the health outcomes of all residents. Consider where and with whom you spend your time: your office and co-workers, neighborhood and community groups, faith-based organizations, etc. Work with your community to support local change.  You never know which groups you are part of would be interested in learning more.  By sharing and encouraging healthy behaviors, your organization will serve as a role model for healthy living. 
For employees and staff, workplace wellness programs can be an effective way to advocate for health, lower health care costs, lower absenteeism, and increase productivity.
Salty and unhealthy, high-sodium items tend to lurk in vending machines, retails stores, and during procurement and catering for events.  Depending on what your organization provides, there are many approaches you can take to encourage healthier choices through policy.

•  Provide education at the point-of-purchase
•  Promote healthier choices by lowering prices for those items
•  Change the ratio of healthy to unhealthy items available
•  Place unhealthy items in less visible areas
•  Set nutrition standards for foods sold or provided by your organization
•  Make food labeling more visible
Ensure the success of these policies by becoming a local champion.  Build support and create buy-in by raising awareness of the effects sodium on health and explaining the policy’s purpose.
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