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Procurement Standards


Setting nutritional standards for catered and purchased meals and snacks can encourage healthy eating among members of your organization. The Boston Public Health Commission has developed a policy that food service vendors must follow. BPHC actively selects caterers who will abide by these policies and provides training and support to vendors as needed to ensure ongoing compliance.  These procurement standards are based on sources including New York City's guidelines as well as the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.​

Our nutrient standard for sodium designates that all individual items must contain no more than 480 milligrams (mg) of sodium per serving. When possible, items should contain no more 300 mg of sodium per serving.  In particular, these guidelines apply to certain foods that tend to be high in sodium including bread, cereal and grains, canned foods, full meals, and snacks.  Since snacks can be some of the saltiest items, we encourage reduced portion sizes or replacement with healthier options.  

The full procurement standards are available at BPHC Procurement Standards.​

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