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Healthy Meetings


Organizing healthy meetings is a great way to get your group accustomed to healthier choices. Regardless of whether the meeting is official or social, formal or casual, encourage organizers and attendees to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • If food is served, offer primarily healthy choices. Avoid fried or pre-packaged items. Recommended snacks include:
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables Low-fat yogurt
    • Low-sodium, whole wheat pita bread or crackers
    • Unsalted pretzels or popcorn
    • Unsalted, baked tortilla chips
    • Hummus or low-sodium salsa

  • Partner with food purveyors (restaurants, cafes, stores) that source healthy food and beverages.
  • Discuss with members, colleagues, congregants, and participants the importance of providing healthful choices at gatherings and encourage them to share in this commitment at events of their own. ​​
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