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Take a step toward a healthier lifestyle and meet your fitness goals!  Our professional, helpful, and friendly staff lead a variety of classes in a fun, supportive and enjoyable environment.  Contact Us to find out more about our Group Fitness Classes.

Fall 2019 Schedule



Core & More




30-Minute Abs Blast




Cardio Sculpt




Burn 'N Firm



Core Fusion




Body Sculpt Circuit




Hatha Yoga




See above for our current class schedule.

Body Sculpt Circuit
Women exercising


A total body workout that uses light weights and variable impact aerobics to sculpt and tone. It's a high-intensity class with the best of fat-burning aerobics, muscle conditioning, and abdominal work segments, along with fundamental yoga to increase flexibility and energy.

Burn and Firm
women exercising

A fun, fat-burning, high energy aerobic workout that includes running, jumping, and plyometrics, followed by comprehensive, intense muscle conditioning. The muscle conditioning challenges all major muscle groups to raise the body's metabolic rate and tone the body. The workout ends with stretching to balance the strength training effect and relax muscles.

Cardio Fit Circuit
group exercising

Get moving and motivated with this heart-pumping, high-energy group fitness class. It combines a challenging, muscle-conditioning resistance workout that emphasizes intense leg and glute work, upper body sculpting, and abdominal work, with of interval training on the cardio machines. This is our most challenging class.

Abs Blast
group doing sit ups

A 30-minute abdominal class where you target the abdominal muscles from a variety of angles. Core strength is the key to functional strength and a healthy back.

Core Fusion
group lifting weights

Get to the core of the matter with core fusion! You’ll use a body bar, stability ball, medicine ball, Pilates and yoga to work the abdominals and the entire core!

Hatha Yoga

group doing yoga

Hatha Yoga attempts to achieve a balance between body and mind by emphasizing physical poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama). Gain flexibility and core strength, improve concentration and willpower, reduce stress, and relieve tension. 

Power Yoga (Flow Version)
group doing yoga

Power yoga (flow version) lets you tune in, chill out and shape up, all at the same time. This class blends functional strength and flexibility work with the rhythm of the breath to bring about a greater awareness of muscle imbalances in the body. It improves muscle flexibility, strength and endurance, helps to create a balance between energy and calm, and reduces stress and tension. It can also enhance concentration, creativity, and the immune system.

Mat Pilates
group doing pilates

This class combines elements of yoga, calisthenics, and stretching and strengthening activities to improve posture, increase freedom of movement, and reduce physical tension. Its benefits include flexibility, core muscle strength, balance, body awareness, reduced lower back and neck distress, improved posture, and improved breathing. Great for any fitness level!


If you would like to reserve the exercise studio for a class or a session, contact us at
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