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​The Boston Public Health Commission and the YMCA of Greater Boston encourage Boston residents with high blood pressure to get active!
Black and Latino residents have higher rates of chronic disease compared to White residents. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a major risk factor for these diseases. Approximately 52% of Black and 42% of Latino residents age 45-64 are diagnosed with high blood pressure. While symptoms may not present themselves, hypertension is a dangerous condition that contributes to heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, and eye problems. 
The REACH Hypertension Initiative aims to strengthen clinical and community links to improve hypertension outcomes.  This work aligns with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Million Hearts™ initiative by helping residents control their blood pressure through physical activity and offering educational resources to increase awareness of salt intake. Regular physical activity can lower high blood pressure and reduce the chances of developing life threatening illnesses.  Being more active can lower blood pressure by an average of 4 to 9 mmHg—the same outcome as many high blood pressure medications!
Together with the YMCA of Greater Boston, we launched Get Active!, a program that allows healthcare providers to refer hypertensive Black and/or Latino residents to the YMCA. Program participants receive a free three-month YMCA gym membership with the possibility of a 1-year extension, as well as information on reducing sodium intake from their healthcare site. 
Participants are encouraged to use one of the following YMCA sites:

Dorchester YMCA
776 Washington St, Dorchester, MA

East Boston YMCA
215 Bremen St., East Boston, MA

Roxbury YMCA
285 Martin Luther King Blvd., Roxbury, MA

Thomas M. Menino (Hyde Park) YMCA
1137 River St., Hyde Park, MA

To see if you qualify for the Get Active! program, please visit your health care provider at Mattapan Community Health CenterWhittier Street Health CenterGeiger Gibson Community Health Center, or Neponset Health Center, or inquire at the Family Van.
swimming pool 
 The McGrath Family Aquatics Center at the Thomas M. Menino (Hyde Park) YMCA

weight room 
Weight room at the the Thomas M. Menino (Hyde Park) YMCA

In addition to the YMCA referral program, the Commission convenes bi-monthly Learning Collaboratives with health care providers from ​Mattapan Community Health Center, Whittier Street Health Center​, Geiger Gibson Community Health Center​Neponset Health Center, and the Family Van​ to discuss best practices in managing and supporting hypertensive patients. 

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