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The Healthy on the Block initiative is working with community members and organizations to increase access to healthy affordable food through corner stores. Our goal is to help
corner stores in East Boston and Mattapan offer healthier options, including better quality fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price.   ​


Latest Updates

On behalf of East Boston Neighborhood Health Center​, lead organization​ for the
Healthy on the Block corner store project in East Boston, we would like to thank Alfaro Market, Tio Supermarket, Million Market, Raymond Market, Mi Tierra, Las Costas Market, El Paisa Butchery, Condor Market, and Two Brothers Market for their commitment to offer healthier food options, including better quality fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price. Stores successfully made environmental changes; participated in in-store promotions, and received technical assistance plus more. Please continue to support all the corner stores by visiting and buying Healthy on the Block approved items.​

Healthy on the Block in Mattapan welcomes Essential Body Herbs located at 1282 Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan. Essential Body Herbs flagship store in Mattapan opened by proprietor Wayne Atkinson, stocks a wide variety of items for maintaining health. Natural herbs, vitamins, protein powders, anti-oxidants and non-allergenic toiletries are items now available in the community, as well as a variety of Organic Vegetable beans and 100% Organic Cranberry Juice. For more information, please check out the blog.

Please visit the World's Best Food Market online. The World's Best Food Market has expanded its marketing efforts and is currently promoting Healthy on the Block approved items. You can follow all the items being promoted each month on their Facebook page

Healthy on the Block Branding
Please visit Healthy on the Block participating stores to find our branding materials. Branding materials include ceiling hangers, window clings, aisle banners, produce labels, and Healthy on the Block approved stickers. Healthy on the Block approve items consist of fruits and vegetables and shelve items that consist of:
  • Less than 10 grams of sugar per serving
  • Minimum of 2 grams of fiber per serving
  • Maximum of 200 calories per serving
For more information, visit any of the Corner stores or contact a Healthy on the Block representative. To learn about Healthy on the Block participant criteria, click here​. 


Selection Process
man holding produce​Initial outreach was conducted to corner store owners in target areas in order to develop relationships and assess the level of interest to participate in the project. This assessment focused on responses to questions regarding interest in health of community, level of involvement in community, and willingness to work with community members. Based on these responses, pilot sites were selected for the Corner Store Initiative.

Participant Criteria
healthy produce
Selected corner stores were expected to meet certain criteria as part of the pilot program. Corner store owners were committed to participating for a minimum of six months. During this period, corner store owners will also be responsible for stocking fresh produce and healthier options, displaying marketing materials, labeling and promoting healthy items, maintaining cleanliness of the store, and participating in technical assistance/training​ ​​opportunities provided by SAH.  ​

Assistance and Support
healthy produce
Participating corner stores were not be expected to meet these criteria on their own. The Corner Store Initiative  provided assistance and support to corner store owners in a collaborative effort to increase access to healthful affordable foods in local corner stores. This assistance included provision of 1-on-1 outreach, incentives and technical assistance on points of access, and ​​product placement and marketing strategies to participating corner stores in order to​​​​​ increase availability of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.​
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