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You may not know it, but the beverage industry is all about  you. First they spend millions of dollars researching what you like, how you think, and what you do. Then they combine this information with your age, race, income, location, and gender. Beverage companies spend all this time and money so that they can craft the most persuasive advertising possible.

Their advertising tries to associate sugary drinks with stuff you like. Is that man or woman of your dreams really  going to be attracted to you because you’re drinking a soda? Are you really going to have insane amounts of fun because you’re drinking a sports drink?

So why do they spend all this money researching you like a bug under a microscope? So that you spend your money buying their sugary drinks. It doesn’t matter if their products might hurt you because of all the extra sugar and calories. Because in the end it’s all about their bottom line – making money off of you.

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