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Resources for Restaurants & Food Service Establishments
The American Heart Association has a wealth of information and resources to help restaurants and food service establishments make the switch to healthier fats. 

Resources for the General Public
  • ​​Good vs. Bad Fats
    Many Americans are confused about the difference between good fats and bad fats. The American Heart Association website offers a crash course on fats, and provides a calculator to help you figure out your daily fat intake. Go to the American Heart Association.
  • ​Link to Coronary Heart Disease
    After its introduction into American culture as an economical product, trans fats have been increasingly linked to coronary heart disease and obesity. Follow the timeline of mounting research establishing this link and the push from public health advocates to eventually have trans fats banned in food service establishments. Trans Fats: The Story Behind the Label​ from Harvard School of Public Health
  • Mayor's Food Court
    Visit the Mayor's Food Court to find out current restaurant inspection data.
  • Regulation Efforts
    Read national updates on efforts to regulate trans fats nationwide at the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
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