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Youth Development Network

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who we are
The Youth Development Network, a program of the Boston Public Health Commission believes that all youth can achieve their fullest potential with the support of caring adults.  YDN is founded on the research that places education as a social determinate of health and other quality of life issues, especially in marginalized communities.  YDN's goal is to reconnect chronically absent youth to their learning and to a network of support.  We value each youth for their strengths, identities, families, cultures, and communities as we help them find success as their authentic selves.  

The Youth Development Network partners with four BPS high schools to address and reduce chronic absenteeism among students. Our services are completely voluntary to the student and family. With current staffing, YDN serves 200-300 students a year. 

our schools  

Monalisa Depina | Youth Development Specialist

Daysa Santana | Program Director, Youth Development Specialist

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Tracy Lungelow | Youth Development Specialist

Dereck Stone | Youth Development Specialist

Brighton High School

Shanell Coney | Youth Development Specialist

To refer a student from one of our participating schools to the YDN Program, please use this Referral Form.

YDN Academic Year programming
YDN students

Organize: support school structure around attendance 
Identify: develop a system of identifying issues with student attendance 
Outreach: meet with parents at home, school or other location 
Assess: what are the obstacles to attending school? 
Case management: what resources are needed to overcome above? 
Mentor: guide and support each student towards success. 

“I was referred to YDN program because of my frequent absences and tardiness. YDN program has helped me in many ways, from home visits to meetings after school. It also helped with my grades and kept me in school, YDN program has help me become more social and interactive with others. I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling because it won’t just improve your grades and academics but get you ready for real world and social skills.” 
                           - Jeremiah E. Burke High School Student 

YDN summer programming
YDN teens
Our summer program is a partnership between YDN, BPS and the Division of Youth Engagement & Employment, Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF). This program was created by YDN staff to address tension between academic and financial needs of students. This is the only summer youth employment program designed for students who have summer school obligations. Workshops are provided by YDN staff and professional guest speakers. These include: 
  • Attendance 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Healthy Relationships 
  • Sexual Health 
  • Wellness 
  • Substance Abuse 
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Legal Rights 
  • Responsible Social Media 
  • Job Readiness 
  • Higher Education 
  • Successful Study Habits 
  • Civic Engagement 

YDN summer PSA

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Fax: 857-288-2362 


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