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Jul 27
When You Need to Make Repairs to Your Car, Choose Green & Clean

​Through the Green & Clean business recognition program, the Boston Public Health Commission's Environmental Health Office recognizes businesses that are working hard to promote the health of their employees, their communities, and the environment. These businesses specifically choose products and employ methods to achieve these goals, working to deliver a better service for themselves and for you, their customers. ​

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To qualify, every Green & Clean auto body and repair shop receives annual training from the Safe Shops Program on Green & Clean practices. Then, an outreach worker from the Safe Shops Program completes a walkthrough assessment at the shop each year to determine if the shop has integrated enough best practices to qualify for recognition. These best practices may include things like:

  • Using low-mercury fluorescent or LED light bulbs to conserve energy
  • Having and using a programmable thermostat to control heating and air conditioning
  • Using no chemical fragrances (air fresheners, scented cleaning products, etc.)
  • Recycling automotive fluids (oil, antifreeze, etc.) as well as cans, bottles, paper, and cardboard.
  • Using cleaning products that are recognized as Green Seal Certified, EcoLogo certified, or EPA Safer Choice labeled
  • Using water-based solvents, cleaners, and degreasers instead of harmful aerosol sprays and chlorinated solvents
  • Using safer and effective water-based paints to reduce chemical exposures
  • Promoting in-shop air quality by using a supplied air respirator in the paint spray booth, local source capture for welding and cutting areas, vacuum-equipped sanders and grinders, an exhaust system that pulls tailpipe emissions directly from a car running inside to the outside
  • Using asbestos-free brake pads and lead-free wheel weights
  • And more!

Making these changes can be challenging at first, sometimes requiring an up-front cost and learning new products and methods.  But, these Green & Clean shops are taking the extra time and effort to make healthier choices to benefit their workers, customers, and neighbors. With recognition, shops receive a small window sign like the one above to display in their window or door, and they are also listed on the Green & Clean website. Look for the Green & Clean logo when you are choosing an auto shop! To learn more, visit the Green & Clean website at or call the Environmental Health Office at 617-534-5965.


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