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Oct 02
BPHC's ​Green & Clean Program: Protecting you and the environment from harmful chemicals

You are being exposed to chemicals every time you go into an auto shop, hair salon, and nail salon. Auto shop workers, hair stylists, and nail technicians are exposed to harmful chemicals with every service they provide. People who spend time in these businesses, especially employees, are exposed when they breathe, if chemicals touch their skin, or if they eat without washing their hands. This exposure can cause health problems, some of which can be life-threatening. The environment and neighborhoods where these businesses are located are also exposed to the chemicals the businesses use. The Green & Clean program protects workers and the public from chemicals and protects the environment. 

How does visiting a Green & Clean business protect me from chemicals? 

Green & Clean businesses use fewer harmful chemicals! Green & Clean businesses have an inspection every year to make sure they are using best practices, such as fewer chemicals. 

How does visiting a Green & Clean business protect the environment? 

Green & Clean businesses also focus on the environment. They recycle and reuse materials, store their chemicals safely, and dispose of waste properly.

How do I know which businesses are Green & Clean? 

Look for the Green & Clean logo. Green & Clean businesses receive a certificate and window decal. You can also see a list of our Green & Clean businesses on our website at

Why is Green & Clean’s work important?

Nail technicians and hair stylists are more likely to: 

  • Have trouble breathing 

  • Develop asthma

  • Have miscarriages 

  • Give birth to babies with low birth weight 

  • Develop certain cancers

Auto shop workers are more likely to:

  • Eye, skin, and throat irritation 

  • Develop lung cancer or damage to lungs

  • Develop heart disease

If you are a customer at these salons and shops, you are also exposed to these harsh chemicals. Green & Clean’s work helps protect everyone! 

What can you do? 

Visit a participating business, and tell your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same! To find a Green & Clean business near you, visit, or call the BPHC Environmental & Occupational Health Division at 617-534-5965. 

If you own a nail salon, hair salon, or auto shop, become a Green & Clean business! Participation is free. To learn how to join, visit or call 617-534-5965.

Help protect yourself, workers, and the environment from exposure to harmful chemicals. Go Green & Clean today!


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