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McLaughlin, Caitlin4/17/2021 8:00 AM0 0
The Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 (formerly referred to as 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV) is a new respiratory virus that was first identified in Wuhan, China in December of 2019.
YesYesYes1/24/2020 5:28 PM4/17/2021 11:17 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin4/14/2021 2:00 PM0 
The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) would like to advise residents and community members in Hyde Park and West Roxbury of upcoming sprayings to help control mosquito populations in selected neighborhood areas.
YesYesYes4/14/2021 11:45 AM4/14/2021 2:00 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin4/6/2021 2:43 PM0 
Mayor Kim Janey and Health and Human Services Chief Marty Martinez today announced the Boston Public Health Commission’s Hope campaign, a new multilingual public awareness campaign, encouraging residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is their turn.
YesYesYes4/6/2021 2:40 PM4/6/2021 2:43 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin3/26/2021 4:42 PM0 
$1.5 million available for organizations helping communities disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
YesYesYes3/26/2021 4:42 PM3/26/2021 4:43 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin3/20/2021 9:13 AM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced that the City of Boston will move into a modified Phase 4, Step 1 of the state's Reopening Massachusetts plan, effective Monday, March 22, 2021.
YesYesYes3/20/2021 9:19 AM3/20/2021 9:20 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin3/17/2021 12:49 PM0 
The Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) are investigating an ongoing cluster of HIV infections in the City of Boston in persons who inject drugs (PWID) who are experiencing or have experienced recent homelessness, with 13 newly identified cases between January 1, 2021 and February 28, 2021. 
YesNoYes3/17/2021 12:34 PM3/17/2021 12:51 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin2/26/2021 2:12 PM0 
Indoor performance venues, certain indoor recreational activities and live musical performances at restaurants will not resume until March 22.
YesYesNo2/26/2021 2:10 PM3/20/2021 9:28 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin2/20/2021 3:52 PM0 
Today the City of Boston partnered with the Massachusetts Association for the Blind, Visually Impaired (MABVI) to arrange for older adults with vision loss to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in Roxbury.
YesYesYes2/20/2021 10:53 AM2/20/2021 3:52 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin2/12/2021 3:44 PM0 
Scholarships to build diversity in Boston EMS' promotional ranks
YesYesYes2/12/2021 3:41 PM2/12/2021 3:44 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin2/5/2021 3:52 PM0 
Given the improvement in the number of COVID-19 cases and the City's positivity rate over the past few weeks, today Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced that beginning on Monday, February 8, the City of Boston will align with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' reopening guidance by lifting the 25% capacity restrictions on local businesses, including restaurants and gyms.
YesYesYes2/5/2021 3:45 PM2/5/2021 3:52 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin2/1/2021 2:17 PM0 
Today Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Boston Emergency Medical Services Chief James Hooley celebrated the graduation of 14 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) recruits in a small virtual ceremony.
YesYesYes2/1/2021 2:17 PM2/1/2021 3:05 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/31/2021 6:17 PM0 
Residents urged to take caution and abide by snow regulations; some COVID-19 testing sites to close. Boston Public School buildings to close tomorrow and Tuesday; students will attend classes online with an early dismissal each day.
YesYesNo1/31/2021 6:16 PM2/2/2021 9:07 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/29/2021 12:40 PM0 
Residents encouraged to take caution over the weekend; warming centers activated in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.
YesYesNo1/29/2021 12:40 PM1/31/2021 6:17 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/26/2021 11:56 AM0 
Boston to return to Step One of Phase Three of the Reopening Massachusetts plan as COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts are expanded
YesYesYes1/26/2021 11:56 AM1/26/2021 2:38 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/17/2021 6:19 PM0 
The first case of the COVID variant B.1.1.7. has been found in a Boston resident who traveled internationally.
YesYesYes1/17/2021 6:16 PM1/19/2021 3:12 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/5/2021 2:51 PM0 
Measures taken to mitigate spread of COVID-19 and protect hospital capacity.
YesYesNo1/5/2021 2:48 PM1/26/2021 11:56 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/21/2020 8:09 AM0 
Open to all residents, testing available regardless of symptoms
YesYesYes12/21/2020 8:08 AM12/21/2020 8:14 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/17/2020 6:45 PM0 
Residents urged to abide by snow regulations, and offer help to older adults and neighbors with disabilities in shoveling sidewalks and pedestrian ramps.
YesYesNo12/17/2020 6:45 PM12/21/2020 8:08 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/16/2020 1:08 PM0 
Residents urged to take caution and abide by snow regulations; City-sponsored meal distribution sites & some COVID-19 testing sites closed on Thursday.
YesYesNo12/16/2020 1:07 PM12/17/2020 6:45 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/14/2020 3:46 PM0 
New measures taken to mitigate spread of COVID-19 and protect hospital capacity
YesYesNo12/14/2020 3:45 PM1/5/2021 2:28 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/11/2020 9:44 AM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) today released guidance for the holiday season during the COVID-19 pandemic, urging residents to stay home and celebrate with people who live in their own household.
YesYesYes12/11/2020 9:36 AM12/11/2020 9:44 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/1/2020 1:08 PM0 
New site in Jamaica Plain to increase citywide COVID-19 testing capacity following Thanksgiving.
YesYesNo12/1/2020 1:04 PM12/14/2020 3:52 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin11/18/2020 12:48 PM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) today released guidance on celebrating Thanksgiving safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, urging residents to stay home and spend the day with people in their own household.
YesYesNo11/18/2020 12:47 PM12/12/2020 8:57 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin11/4/2020 1:16 PM0 
Since launched in May, the mobile testing teams have administered 13,795 tests across Roxbury, Allston, South Boston, Mattapan, East Boston, and Dorchester
YesYesNo11/4/2020 1:15 PM11/28/2020 8:47 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin10/30/2020 10:16 AM0 
​Lead is a metal found in nature. It can be found in all parts of our environment – the air, the soil, the water, and even inside our homes.
NoNoNo10/30/2020 10:08 AM10/30/2020 10:16 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin10/29/2020 3:19 PM0 
"Get The Test Boston" to encourage individuals and businesses to commit to increasing testing
YesYesYes10/29/2020 3:24 PM10/29/2020 3:24 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin10/27/2020 9:39 AM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) today released guidance on celebrating Halloween safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, urging residents who choose to celebrate Halloween to take extra precautions to keep themselves and others safe.
YesYesNo10/27/2020 9:44 AM12/1/2020 12:59 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin10/14/2020 2:21 PM0 
Second mobile site will be in partnership with Whittier Street Health Center, starting at Nubian Square in Roxbury
YesYesNo10/14/2020 2:19 PM10/27/2020 9:58 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin10/9/2020 2:53 PM0 
City offers flu vaccine vouchers for uninsured and underinsured
YesYesYes10/9/2020 2:53 PM10/9/2020 2:55 PMApprovedYes
Jolly, Taylor10/9/2020 11:27 AM0 
The Boston Board of Health will host a virutal assembly as a part of BPHC’s Request for Information for a Racism-Free Boston on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
YesNoNo10/9/2020 10:18 AM10/15/2020 9:34 AMApprovedYes
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