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Place Matters - West Roxbury

Mattapan Community AssetsWest Roxbury was home to a 19th century experimental, transcendentalist Utopian community called Brook Farm frequented by notable writers as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry David Thoreau. Today, West Roxbury’s tree lined streets and mostly single-family homes give this city neighborhood a more suburban-like feel. Without a subway station in the neighborhood, it was somewhat cut off from the rest of Boston. The neighborhood is home to many of Boston’s police officers, firefighters and other civil servants. The vast majority of its population is White at 83%, while 6% of residents are Black, 5% are Latino and 4% are Asian. Per capita income is relatively high, at close to $28,000, and poverty is fairly low, at 6.4%.

West Roxbury’s business district is secured along Centre Street and consists of restaurants, banks, and shops. A former landfill that has been converted into 100 acres of trails, ball fields, and picnic areas, Millennium Park has re-established this area’s opportunities for youth athletic leagues and activities and has characterized the neighborhood’s dedication to youth sports.

 Community Statistics

Data presented in the Boston Public Health Commission's Health of Boston report routinely demonstrates that Boston's Black and Latino residents experience higher levels of chronic disease, mortality, and poorer health outcomes than White residents. These persistent health disparities are driven by the interaction of several factors including racism, living conditions, physical environment, socioeconomic status, food security, lifestyle, available health services, and existing health policies. The data provided offers a broad picture of the health experience of our city, identifies individuals and communities at greatest risk for certain conditions, and stimulates discussion among individuals within our communities. Understanding the city's diversity is essential to developing policies and strategies that address health equity in Boston.

 West Roxbury Population by Race and Ethnicity

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Boston Public Health Commission 2010 HOB Report
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