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​The Boston Alliance for Community Health (BACH) is a diverse city-wide partnership of
neighborhood coalitions and over 50 community-based partners working to make Boston a healthier and a more equitable place to live, play, learn and work.  The Boston Public Health Commission is an active member of BACH’s 21 member steering committee, comprised of representatives from neighborhood coalitions, community health centers, hospitals, community-based organizations, BPHC, and the state Department of Public Health, as a non-voting member.  In addition to its role on the steering committee, BPHC serves on the Health Planning and Improvement Committee and the Community Engagement and Membership Committee as well as on the Data subcommittee.

In collaboration with BACH, BPHC has been engaged in a health planning process called MAPP – Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships, at the neighborhood and citywide levels.  This multi-year process happens in six phases:

Phase 1: Organize for Success and Partnership Development
Phase 2: Visioning
Phase 3: Assessment
Phase 4: Identifying Strategic Issues
Phase 5: Formulating Goals and Strategies
Phase 6: The Action Cycle

Once completed, Boston will have a Community Health Assessment and a Community Health Improvement Plan, both of which will help the city to better coordinate and prioritize resources, reduce health inequities and improve health outcomes for all of our residents. ​

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