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Purchasing of Goods and Services
The BPHC purchases over $10,000,000 worth of goods and services every year.  In order to obtain the best quality at a reasonable price the Commission is constantly searching for vendors that provide high quality services.  If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the BPHC, please follow the links below.  Thank you for your interest in the Commission..

Goods and Services under $50,000
To ensure an open and competitive process that result in a procurement that meets the program’s needs at the lowest price, all purchases of goods and services costing less than $50,000 per vendor contracted by the Commission per fiscal year require the solicitation of three quotes. All purchasing solicitations have a description of goods or scope of services that provide sufficient detail to enable vendors to provide realistic price quotes including deliverables and schedule requirements. The quality requirements will serve to determine the most responsive and responsible vendor.   

Good and Services over $50,000
Procurements of goods and services costing $50,000 or more over the term of the contract will be conducted by the Procurement and Contract Management Unit in consultation with the program staff. Such contracts will be procured using either a Request for Bids (RFB) or a Request for Proposals (RFP). An RFB process requires award of the contract to the responsive and responsible bidder submitting the lowest bid. An RFP process requires award of the contract to the responsive and responsible proposer whose proposal is deemed most favorable to the Commission, taking into consideration the evaluation criteria stated in the RFP as well as the proposal price. 

Boston Public Health Commission policies prohibit the acceptance of gifts and gratuities from suppliers, contractors or consultants. The Commission awards business based on quality, service and competitive pricing. All procurements are conducted in an open, fair and competitive manner, taking into account the needs of individual programs, bureaus, and the Commission as a whole.

Boston Public Health Commission encourages minority, women and disadvantaged business owners to participate in procurement opportunities within the Commission. Please review the RFP/Bids page for all procurement opportunities.  

Contacting BPHC Departments

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  • If you are looking for more information regarding the selection of vendors, RFPs or the contracting process, please call the Procurement Unit at 617-534-2395​ or email at
  • If you are looking for information regarding an invoice or payment, please call the Accounts Payable Unit at 617-534-7735 or email
  • If you are a sub-recipient under a state or federal grant, please call the Grants Administration Unit at 617-534-7189 or email
  • For all other issues please call the Office of the Controller at 617-534-2415.
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