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The Halls


The Halls is a two season web series which explores messaging around unhealthy masculinity, consent, homophobia, young fatherhood, unhealthy versus healthy relationships, trauma, and LGBTQ+ topics. 
  • Season 1 tells the stories of three young men in Boston and their struggles sifting through relationships, trauma, masculinity, and their own identities. There are 8 episodes, each about 10 minutes long. 

  • Season 2 tells the stories of two couples and a survivor of sexual violence as they navigate trauma, identity, boundaries, consent, and healthy relationships. There are 7 episodes, each about 10 minutes long.

Each episode is paired with a discussion guide, so any provider can lead conversations discussing the themes present within the film. 

You can also watch our Peer Leaders analyze the messages in Season 1 by watching Walk The Halls. Visit to watch both seasons and download the discussion guide.

The webseries was produced with funds from the Office of Violence Against Women and Beyond Measure Productions.

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