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​The Commission's Start Strong Initiative has a number of tools to help teens build healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills that are especially important during break ups. You can download the tools by clicking on the links below.

Media Literacy: Watching your Lyrical Diet 

The next time you're ready to download that song from iTunes or watch that music video, you may want to check out how healthy it is for you. Just as a nutritional label allows you to count the calories in a fast food hamburger, Start Strong has made it easier to measure what's in the songs you listen to or music videos you watch. The Sound Relationships Nutritional Label is a tool to help music lovers evaluate how healthy – or unhealthy – songs are. TrueView is a music video scoring tool that helps users assess the healthy or unhealthy relationship images in music videos.

Download:  Sound Relationships Nutritional Label, a song lyrics analysis tool 
Download:  TrueView, a music video analysis tool
Download:  2011 Top Ten List of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Songs
Download:  2010 Top Ten List of Health and Unhealthy Relationship Songs
Download:  2009 Top Ten List of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Songs


True View Tool

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