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Mission and Vision


The Family Justice Center (FJC) of Boston fosters collaboration in service to victims of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. We provide a safe and welcoming environment where individuals and families benefit from the availability of services offered by diverse nonprofit and governmental partner organizations. We are committed to complementing and enhancing the health of victim service organizations throughout Boston. As a hub of cooperative activity, the FJC facilitates continuous learning and serves as a resource center for professional development. We strive to coordinate violence intervention and prevention services that are culturally responsive and accessible to all victims.

The Family Justice Center of Boston (FJC) is a community of agencies providing direct services to individuals and families in the City of Boston (and beyond) who have been affected by and/or exposed to domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse or human trafficking. Collectively, FJC Partners strive to (a) be a vibrant and dynamic collector, incubator and disseminator of the best learning and knowledge about issues affecting those exposed; and (b) prevent these harms.

Justice for victims will mean that:

  • Police, prosecutors, and service providers collaborate closely and offer coordinated responses which minimize additional trauma and promote the safety, dignity, well-being, and rights of all.
  • Law enforcement and criminal justice practices reflect a deep understanding of the dynamics of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual exploitation. 
  • Useful information about available services and support reaches everyone who needs it.
  • Governmental and community-based organizations are culturally responsive; provide appropriate, accessible, and equitable services to all who need them; and are accountable to the communities that they serve.
  • There are no gaps in service or "cracks in the system".
  • Victims are respected and are never blamed for the violence and abuse.
  • Child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual exploitation are not socially tolerated.
  • Rates of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual exploitation are reduced until we are able to stop these crimes entirely.


Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 
Boston-based 24 hour free and confidential hotlines

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence617-338-2355

Multilingual helpline; advocates provide services in over 12 different Asian languages and dialects

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC)800-841-8371
Counselors available to talk with survivors, their families and friends, and providers about sexual violence

Casa Myrna Vazquez1-877-785-2020
MA Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline - call for information, support and resources

The Network/La Red617-742-4911
Provides emotional support, information, and safety planning for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender folks who are being or have been abused by a partner.  Also offers information and support to friends, family and co-workers on the issue of domestic violence in LGBQ/T communities

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