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Restricting the Sale of Tobacco Products in the City of Boston 
The sale of tobacco products is prohibited at healthcare and educational institutions.  In addition, the sale of blunt wraps is prohibited within the City of Boston.

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Healthcare Institutions
According to the regulation, as of February 9, 2009, Healthcare Institutions located in the City of Boston are prohibited from selling Tobacco Products. 

Definition:  Healthcare institution: An individual, partnership, association, corporation or trust or any person or group of persons that provides health care services and employs health care providers licensed, or subject to licensing, by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health under M.G.L. c. 112. Health care institution includes hospitals, clinics, health centers, pharmacies, drug stores and doctors’ and dentists’ offices.  

Educational Institutions
According to the regulation, as of February 9, 2009, educational institutions located in City of Boston are prohibited to sell tobacco products.

DefinitionEducational Institution: Any public or private college, normal school, professional school, scientific or technical institution, university or other institution furnishing a program of higher education.

Blunt Wraps
Blunt wrap is a cigarette like rolling paper that is thick and dark and usually made of tobacco. Blunt wraps come in flavored varieties and are heavily marked to the youth and often used as drug paraphernalia.


Clean Air Works Workplace Smoking Restrictions
Smoking and the use of an e-cigarette is prohibited in the Workplace

  • Employers shall post a sign in a clear and conspicuous manner stating that smoking is prohibited.
  • Smoking is not permitted in outdoor workspaces that are adjacent to indoor workspaces. Examples include restaurant and hotel patios, loading docks, valet parking areas, and unenclosed floors of construction sites;
  • Smoking bars, including hookah bars, will have signage addressing the hazards of smoking and of second hand smoke. No new permits will be issued and existing smoking bars will be allowed to operate for initial period of not more than ten years.

Read the full text of the regulations


 Applying for a Permit to Sell Tobacco and/or Nicotine Delivery Products
If you intend to sell tobacco and/or nicotine delivery products you must first obtain a City of Boston Permit for Location and Sales of Tobacco and/or Nicotine Delivery Products.

To apply for this permit, you must submit the following items to the Boston Tobacco Control Program.


Other Required Materials and Store Signage

All employees who sell tobacco and/or nicotine delivery products must have a completed Employee Agreement Form signed and on file at the business location.

 All retailers who hold the “Permit for Location and Sales” shall be provided updated signage during the permit term.

Required Store Signage

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