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Physical health is your body’s condition and overall fitness level, including any medical conditions that affect your health. A person’s physical health is vital for well-being and can be affected by lifestyle behaviors. The Boston Public Health Commission has several programs working to promote and protect physical health in Boston. Learn more about them below:

​The Chronic Disease Prevention and Control division focuses on healthy eating and active living for the prevention and management of cancer and chronic diseases. Our programs and policies acknowledge how the environment and inequities affect overall health and well-being for Boston residents. By promoting healthy food choices, physical activity, screening, and detection, we strive to reduce the burden of chronic disease in Boston. 

​The Infectious Disease Bureau strives to reduce the impact of infectious diseases, prevent morbidity associated with these diseases, and create healthier lives for the residents of Boston. Work within the Infectious Disease Bureau includes disease surveillance, investigation of cases and outbreaks, funding a continuum of HIV/AIDS-related education and care through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act, community and provider education related to other communicable diseases, and the operation of a tuberculosis (TB) clinic.

​The Injury Prevention Program is committed to preventing unintentional injuries among people of all ages and abilities. Our program focuses on reducing the risk of injury through education, resources and legislation. By offering workshops on behavioral strategies, improving access to prevention resources, andcollaborating with local, state and federal agencies, our program aims to keep our neighborhoods safe and injury-free 


​The Office of Oral Health provides the City of Boston’s residents with access to reliable oral health information, innovative program support, training, educational materials, and resources in multiple languages, while working with partners to focus on eliminating health disparities and inequities, and ensuring quality access to oral health care for all Boston’s residents.
The Office of Oral Health works to address these issues at the individual and community level to help lead the movement toward the general well-being by advancing a citywide plan to promote oral health, prevent oral disease and close gaps in service for all residents.

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