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Marijuana Laws to Know

Massachusetts residents voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2012 and retail sale of marijuana in 2016. This page provides general information about the laws regarding marijuana. For more complete information about these laws, visit the Cannabis Control Commission website
Click here to download a Fact Sheet about marijuana and the law.


Marijuana bought from licensed dispensaries is inspected to ensure that it is free of additives, chemicals, molds, and mites. Inspections also confirm the amount of the active substances in marijuana such as THC and CBD. Purchasing marijuana from anywhere other than a licensed dispensary is illegal and it is more likely to contain harmful chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and other substances.


The law prohibits smoking or consuming marijuana of any kind in any public place, including public parks, sidewalks, bars or restaurants. Residents can carry up to one ounce of marijuana in public. Five grams of that ounce may in the form of marijuana concentrate (such as dabs or wax).


It is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of marijuana. It is also illegal to have open containers of marijuana in a vehicle. Marijuana must be kept in a locked glove compartment or trunk. 


Residents 21 years old or older can grow no more than 6 marijuana plants. There can be no more than 12 plants in a household. Plants must be grown in a locked or secured location.


Many apartment and condominium buildings have smoke-free policies that cover marijuana. Some may also have rules prohibiting growing or consuming marijuana on site. Using or growing marijuana in public housing could lead to the loss of housing.


The following resources were used in developing the material on this website and may provide additional helpful information about marijuana

If you are looking for resources or support around marijuana or other substance use, please call 311. 

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