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Professional Development Series

Meeting with BPHC staff
​The Racial Justice and Health Equity Professional Development Series (PDS) was developed in response to 27 'All Staff' meetings that were conducted in 2008 with over 800 BPHC staff. In these meetings, staff shared that they needed more language and better skills to further align their work with the overall health equity priority of the Commission.

PDS aims for all 1100+ employees to expand their understanding of what shapes the health of Boston, why people of color are more likely to have poor health outcomes than White people, and how each of us – as BPHC employees and as residents of Boston – can eliminate inequities in health. PDS is comprised of a two-day Core Workshop and half-day Practice Workshops. Participation in workshops is required for all staff.  Curricula were developed by BPHC staff.

Goal: To ensure that all BPHC staff apply the principles and practices of health equity and racial justice to all of the Commission's work.

  • Increase staff understanding of the relationship among all levels of racism, social conditions, and health outcomes.
  • Equip all BPHC staff to promote health equity and racial justice in the development, implementation, and evaluation of internal and external programs, policies, and practices.
  • Create a culture of ongoing learning and professional growth about health equity and racial justice for all BPHC staff. 
Core Workshop
The Series begins with a two-day "Core" workshop that introduces the concepts of racial justice and health equity, establishes common language, and explores the impact social determinants of health and institutional and structural racism on health.

Practice Workshops
Half-and full-day "Practice Workshops" help staff apply racial justice and health equity principles to their jobs. Workshops focus on specific skills and approaches to help staff put concepts into practice, such as community engagement, policy advocacy, evaluating health equity efforts, and promoting equity in internal operations.

Practice Workshops can also be customized to respond to specific programs or challenges staff encounter in applying a racial justice and health equity lens to their work.

Facilitation Team

Racial justice and health equity learning is facilitated by BPHC staff members, thereby building internal capacity and supporting staff in their ongoing professional development. 

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