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Education & Community Engagement

The Education & Community Engagement Division of the Boston Public Health Commission’s (BPHC) Infectious Disease Bureau is comprised of three programs: Education and Outreach, Planning Council Support, and Case Management Training program. 

The Education and Outreach program branches out to two sections, direct community work and providing funds to community organizations for prevention work. The mission of the Education and Outreach program is to ensure that Boston residents have the necessary information to protect themselves from communicable diseases. Infection prevention requires that comprehensive, linguistically, and culturally appropriate information is readily available.

The Planning Council Support (PCS) provides planning and support services to the Boston Part A EMA Planning Council (PC), including: research, dissemination of information, leadership, and skills building for PC members. The Boston Part A EMA Planning Council is a volunteer, federally required planning body that works to organize, prioritize, and allocate Ryan White Part A HIV funding in the Boston Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA). Planning Council members are charged to assess needs and determine how to meet them across ten counties in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.  

The Case Management Training Program was established to host training for case managers serving people living with HIV in the EMA. The mission of the program is to empower case managers to work as a community to provide consistent, comprehensive care to people living with HIV.

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