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The Needs Assessment report is written every two years by the Planning Council Support Staff to provide information on the HIV service system in the Boston EMA.  This document assists the Planning Council in making informed decisions related to the prioritization of Ryan White Part A service categories and the Ryan White Part A funding allocations process.


The Funding Streams report is written every year by the Planning Council Support Staff to provide an overview of the funding available to provide HIV/AIDS services within the Boston EMA.  The conclusions and recommendations from this report are used by members of the Planning Council to set Part A service definitions and make funding decisions within the Planning Council cycle.


The Comprehensive Plan guide is written every three years by the Planning Council Support Staff, and the Grantee as a framework to guide the Planning Council through the next three years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  Specifically, it reviews what our current system of care encompasses, what the future needs of the system are as the epidemic evolves in the EMA, what the goals are to advance the health system of care to provide optimal care for PLWH, and how the process will be monitored to improve the quality and efficiency of both the service delivery system and the planning process.

Annual Outcomes Report FY09 (Sept 2010, JSI)
Unmet Need for HIV Primary Medical Care Among PLWHA in the Boston EMA in 2007 (Dec 2009, JSI)
Characteristics of Patients with Low CD4 Counts in 2008 & Factors Associated with Improved Immunological Status from 2004 to 2008 (Mar 2011, JSI)
Trends in Clinical Performance & Clinical Outcomes in MA Funded Clinics 2004 to 2008 (JSI)

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