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Current Members


All Planning Council members are selected by the Mayor of Boston to voluntarily serve on the Council.

2018- 2019 Members                        

Adelina Alves

Jazzz Bennett

Lamar Brown

Brian Butler

Barry Callis

Gelfi Colon

Stephen Corbett

James Cromartie

George Diaz

Robert Giannasca

Brian Holliday

Lorraine Jones

Alison Kirchagasser

Wendy LeBlanc

André Lima

Sarah MchPhee

Joseph Mejia

Milena Mello

Emerson Miller

Keith Nolen

Ericka Olivera

Manuel Pires

Rob Quinn

Edward T. Rewolinski

Harry Shanmugam

Galina Smith

Shawnna Smith

Jose Sostre

Michael Swaney

Richard Swanson

Bryan Thomas

Deb Winters

Tane Webb

Tim Young

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