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Comprehensive Plan Working Group

The Comprehensive Plan working group is in charge of the coordination and development of each Comprehensive Plan for HIV/AIDS Services in the Boston EMA.

Ryan White Part A grantees are required to submit an updated Comprehensive Plan every three years. The purpose of this plan is to assist the grantee in the development of a comprehensive and responsive system of care that addresses the needs and challenges of the population served as they change over time. The Comprehensive Plan is a living document that serves as a roadmap for the grantee. It reflects the community's vision and values regarding how best to deliver HIV/AIDS services within the Boston EMA. 

Currently, the working group is overseeing the 2016-2019 Comprehensive Plan.


Previous Comprehensive Plans

2001-2004 Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives​

​​​​2005-2008 Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives​

2009-2012 Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives

2012-2015 Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives

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